“Thaai borewell” is a  professional borewell  drilling   company engaged  in this  field  for the past 10 years in
       and around Madurai .  We have enormous  experience  in  this  field   and we know  the geology  of  Madurai 
       pretty well which has been gained from our decade long experience in this  field. 

       We use it provide the customers  with the  best &  cost effective borewell  drilling solution in a   time efficient
       way. You can rely on our service for certain results. We have  done projects for individual  residential  owners,
       Apartments, Agricultural land owners, Government offices, private companies, Industries  and endless number 
       of people in the society. We have the  latest equipments  to  provide   the  customer  a hassle-free service.  We 
       have the capacity to drill borewells upto any depth.
       We provide our clients with the following – 
                        •   Cost-effective service
                        •   Employ latest equipments & technology
                        •   Complete the work to the customer’s satisfaction
                        •   Complete the work as early as possible

       We have the equipments to drill 4½, 4¾ and 6½ borewells.