Monday, 17 November 2014

The Most Sought Borewell Drilling Company in Madurai
Thaai borewells is one of the most sought company by residential owners, industrial companies, farmers
       and anyone who   thinks of drilling a borewell  .  The reason or perhaps the  “reasons” are  we have been
       in this business for more than 10 years and we know thoroughly about the Madurai region.
       We at Thaai   Borewells the premier company in drilling cost   effective borewells in Madurai -   not only 
       have experience in this field,   but we have gradually improved   our capacity   both in machines and also
       our labour by constantly upgrading our   borewell drilling machines and techniques.   We have a strong 
       workforce which can execute the task with precision.

We  have so far done lots of bore drilling works for clients in and around Madurai to their entire satisfaction
       and at a very competitive cost.The borewells we have drilled have   always given  high yield. We are always 
       spot on in predicting  the correct location with our advanced water source detection techniques.

We have  office  at Iravathanallur and   at Alanganallur.  We drill   4½”,   4¾” and   6½” to suit your 
       requirements and budget.