About Us

Thaai Borewells is established and run   by Mr. Praveen Kumar and Mr. Raja  who both have been in
this field of  drilling  borewells for 8 years and for the past  2 years have been  putting the knowledge
gained in this field to use and running this company for the benefit of the customers.Thaai Borewells
is focused only on  providing the  best possible  & cost effective   solutions to each and every one of
our customers.Till date we have dug thousands of borewells to the complete satisfaction of every one
of our customers . We have gradually grown from the times of Slow Rig, Power Rig and now we are
the most competent people in the   latest high pressure hydraulic  drilling .  We have a team of highly
experienced and dedicated workers who  are also aligned  with the company’s objective of providing
the best possible service to our customers.