Four and three fourth inches Borewell
       Four and three fourth inches borewells are mostly preferred by  residential  houses, apartments, industrial
       and agricultural  purposes with a vast  water yield  requirement. We at Thaai borewells are equipped with 
       providing an efficient, cost effective 43/4” borewell.
       Methods Of Drilling       
       We use various methods  of drilling borewells  for various types  of soils such  as alluvial soil , gravelly 
       soil, soft rock and hard rock. The methods we use are Hand borewells, Low rig, Rotary rig , Power rig
       and Tubewells etc.   

       Cost for Borewell Drilling

        The borewell drilling is calculated in feet. Casing pipe will be calculated per feet of pipe used.Cast of
        drilling is also calculated per feet. Transportation for the rig is extra.